A Proactive Approach To Wellbeing

Riposte Analytics is a digital wellbeing solution helping organisations gather real-time data, so they can provide the right support at the right time.

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Digital Engagement That's Fun

Measuring wellbeing shouldn't create stress.

Riposte offers a digital tool for you to collect information about how people are feeling, in a fun way that encourages healthy habits and builds resilience through reflection and social connection. 

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  • Daily Reflection

    Use Riposte to help your group establish a daily routine of reflection or "checking in".

  • Social Connection

    Help build a network of support for your group members with built-in peer support.

  • Safety by Design

    Built to be safer than social media with privacy and safety built in as key design features.

  • Regular Updates In Your Inbox

    Don't wait until you send a survey to find out how people are feeling. With Riposte you'll receive daily or weekly updates delivered right to your inbox.

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    • Sentiment & Keywords
    • Riposte Wellbeing Dashboard

    Who We've Worked With

    Supported By

    • Riposte Analytics has built bespoke machine learning
    • and AI tools, made possible by support from
    • Callaghan Innovation.

    How It Works

    Simply set up your group, invite your members, and like magic the reports will start arriving.

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      Set Up Your Group(s)

      Talk to us about what you need to measure. We'll set up your own private research groups that people can opt into, and we'll set up any specific filters such as region, age group, or specific topics you'd like to track such as #homework, #work, #progress etc.

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      We can provide 1 hour onboarding sessions either online or in person, or we can provide an onboarding guide for you to run yourself.

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      Hold an Introductory Competition

      Building a daily habit of reflection using Riposte can take some getting used to. Introduce the benefits of Riposte to your group by holding a fun two-week competition. We'll set up a leaderboard for you to award spot prizes and winning participants.

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      Start Receiving Reports

      As soon as 10 people have joined your group and have begun to share their daily highs and lows, you'll start receiving daily or weekly reports. It's as easy as that!


    What People Say

    • "Riposte was able to provide us with real time data and insights which enabled us to be agile and responsive to the needs of the rangatahi (young people) we were working with. Our ability to try, measure and refine different approaches was therefore greatly enhanced, resulting in our pilot programme receiving ongoing funding. We’re looking forward to seeing what else we can do with this amazing tool."

      Cain Kerehoma, KIKO Innovation
    • “Riposte has been an incredibly useful tool for engagement with our students. We deliver the Licence to Work programme across multiple schools in the region and so it is useful for us to have this information across all of our students. The students were enthusiastic about using the app and seem to be more interested in communicating this way than through our surveys.” 

      Karen Fenn, Tairāwhiti Licence to Work Project Coordinator

    Get started with Riposte

    Bring your wellbeing engagement to life with the Riposte app! Contact us today for a free quote.

    • Digital Engagement

      Have fun with wellbeing using digital tools designed for emotional expression and connection.

    • Real-Time Updates

      Keep track of how people are feeling and be alerted when extra support is needed.

    • Faster Reporting

      Spend less time gathering and reporting the data and more time actioning it.