Your Privacy Choices

This section explains how you can control what information others see about you on Riposte, with our Privacy Policy included below.

Your Account and Profile Information

When you create an account, the following information can be viewed on your profile by anyone logged into Riposte:

- your profile photo and cover photo

- your display name, username, biography

- the total number of profiles that follow you (Followers) and a list of those profiles

- the total number of profiles that you follow (Following) and a list of those profiles

- any Fistpump or Facepalm posts that you have posted with a "Public" setting and any information associated with those posts.

You also provide your current Town/City and Country location details, and can choose whether to display these on your profile or not.

Your display name and username can be searched by other people within Riposte. You choose whether you use your real name on Riposte, or a pseudonym.

Your Personal Lenses

When you create or edit your account, you also provide details about you that determine what information is provided to you in the trending sections of the Riposte application. This is:

- your current town/city

- your current country

- your age group

We call this information your “personal lenses”, and it is used for showing you what’s trending by other individuals with the same circumstances and settings. Every time you post something, the information that is collected from the post is associated with the options you have selected in your Personal Lenses at the time of posting.

You also have the choice to include other Personal Lens information so that you can see what’s trending in other groups relevant to you. These settings include your gender, your childhood town/city, your ethnic identity, your relationship status, your attraction/orientation, your household, your housing tenure, your stage of learning, your current learning provider, your employment status, and your profession/career path. These are completely optional, and you can choose whether you select the information most relevant to you for some, all or none of these settings.

We use Personal Lens information to analyse and compare the celebrations and struggles posted on Riposte across different groups of people and organisations. It is this information that adds value, meaning and weight to the shared experiences, and allows us to try and analyse both positive and negative social issues and detect emerging ones. For this reason, we treat this information carefully and respectfully. The information you enter into these settings cannot be viewed by others using the Riposte application. People are not able to limit search results by these settings, even when they select the search function for a particular trending term in a particular trending table.

You are able to change any of your Personal Lens settings at any time.

Your Posts

You are able to control who the audience is for each Fistpump and Facepalm post you make. You can post publicly, privately, to your followers, or to certain groups within your follower list.

If you post privately, no one will be able to view that post, but the information will still (anonymously) contribute towards the trending sections of the application (trending tables and trending links), as well as any anonymous group analysis reports we publish and share.

If you post publicly, anyone is able to view that post under your profile or using the search function. Anyone that can view your post is able to support, ditto or report that post. Only you can see a list of who has supported or dittoed your posts and the total numbers for each. When creating a post, you also have the ability to turn off the ditto function. You can delete your posts at any time.

Other Social Media Platforms

Only you have the ability to share your posts across other social media platforms using our "share" function. We can't prevent people from taking and sharing screenshots of your posts or profile. We encourage people to share their posts across other social media platforms, and we collect information to analyse the information that is being shared.

Your Followers

You can control whether anyone can follow you or if you want to approve being followed first.    


Your email address is used to send you important information about Riposte, or to alert you if one of your posts has been reported. However, you can choose whether you would like to receive activity notifications through email or through push notifications – some (but not all) of these can be switched on and off under Notification Settings.